MSU Spirit Groups


The Mississippi State University Spirit Groups program consists of Co-ed Cheerleaders, All-Girl Cheerleaders, Pom Squad, and Mascots. The co-ed squad has 8 - 12 couples who cheer at all football games and men's home basketball games. The all-girl squad consists of 20 cheerleaders who cheer at home football games, women's home basketball games, and home volleyball games. Members from both squads are eligible for spots on our Nationals Team. The pom squad is made of 16 girls who attend home football games, men's home basketball games, and various women's home basketball games. They also do half-time performances at men's home basketball games. All squads are required to attend practice and schedule classes around the practice times set by the coach. There are 6 Bully mascots. All squads and mascots are required to make appearances at a variety of events throughout the year, including alumni events and clinics.

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